The online management simulation “Next-Day Inc.” is charged a simple “on demand” price per execution, you pay no license costs, just the number of executions of the test you need. When ordering, you will receive a login for a coordinator account, where you will be able to manage your exercises. Your executions can be called off within 12 months.
One execution includes using a one-time login-code for a participant, generating the summary-report and sending the report as PDF-file to the coordinator.


  • 1 execution : 86,0 EUR
  • package with 10 executions: 83,0 EUR (per participant)
  • package with 20 executions: 80,0 EUR (per participant)
  • package with 50 executions: 76,0 EUR (per participant)
  • package with 100 executions: 72,0 EUR (per participant)

If you are planning a larger number of executions, but want to retrieve and settle them in partial orders, then a administration fee of 4,0 EUR per execution will be charged for this call-off order contract.

* The above mentioned prices are without the applicable VAT. *

You may order your executions of the online-exercise „Next-Day Inc.“ right here.