An execution of the management simulation can be prepared in a very short time without any installation effort. The instruction, the execution and also the evaluation are fully automatic and require only a device with Internet access.

Setup (prepare an execution)

Preparing an implementation does not require any licenses or software installation on your device. You can set up the implementation with a few clicks in a password-protected area for coordinators.

Instruction for participants

The simulation does not require any instructions from a moderator. Before the test starts, the participants can view a short interactive online introduction that explains how to use the exercise. When the participant finishes the online introduction him/herself and presses the “START” button, the proper test begins.

Here you can watch this online introduction yourself.

Run the test

The execution of the management simulation can be started by each participant with the corresponding access code on the site simulation.next-day-inc.com. After the online introduction, the participant himself/herself starts the test and has then a maximum of 50 minutes for the simulation.

Within the simulation, 24 documents (mails, letters, short messages, messages on the answering machine or videos) and 134 questions await the participant, for each of which the appropriate multiple-choice answer(s) should be selected.

Once the simulation has started, it cannot be interrupted, but it can be ended earlier than the 50 minutes if the participant wishes to do so or has finished processing the documents earlier.



The management simulation “Next-Day Inc.” is evaluated fully automatically, a feedback report in the form of a PDF document is created directly after the execution and sent to the coordinator.

See an excerpt from a sample feedback report here:

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