Background information

In the virtual mailbox, the participants have to process regularly arriving informations. The online exercise is furthermore designed dynamically, it „reacts“ interactively to the participants‘ answers.

The entire management simulation consists of 134 questions in a total of 24 documents. For most questions multiple answers are possible, but for some a choice must be made. In addition, some questions require a decision which cannot be reversed.

Norm sample

Currently, the simulation is based on a large norm sample of 981 persons aged 23 to 61.

Leadership experience within the norm sample

The norm sample includes professionals (41,8%) and managers (58,2%):

Age distribution within the norm sample

Individuals in the norm sample are on average 37.7 years old with a standard deviation of 8.3 years.

Quality criteria


The primary scale „general management skills” measures the ability to analyse effectively, to plan sensibly and to take appropriate decisions under time pressure in a framework of various circumstances with plenty of partial facts which need to be prioritized. For this primary scale, the split-half reliability (split-half according to the odd/even method) is 0.73 and the internal consistency (Cronbach’s alpha) is 0.68.

Content Validity

The selection of participants in the norm sample from different industries and different functions, as well as the fact that no specific know-how from a particular industry is necessary for the successful execution of the simulation, are underlying that the management simulation can be used across industries and functions. Due to the simulation character of management tasks, the simulation „Next-Day Inc.“ can be attributed a very high level of apparent validity. The high acceptance by the participants also underlines this aspect. The participants are addressed by their own names, which helps them to identify with the tasks. Furthermore, the participants demonstrably experience the simulation as a „realistic job-related tool“.  (see also the feedback on management simulation by participants…)

Korrelation with the aptitude test BOMAT (= Construct Validity)

In a comparative study comparing the results of 96 people who performed both the management simulation as well as the „BOMAT advanced – short version“, a correlation between the result of the BOMAT and the overall simulation score of 0.63 was observed, which is highly significant as well.


The management simulation can be executed entirely without instruction and without interpretation by a moderator. The digital execution ensures a standardized procedure and does not allow any variation by the participants. The construction of the test with multiple-choice items and without open questions allows a clear and standardized evaluation. This evaluation is carried out by an algorithm that does not provide different interpretations. Thus, the simulation has an extremely high evaluation objectivity and guarantees a constantly equal determination of the results in every case when using the same norm sample.

Overall, the simulation can claim a very high objectivity of execution, evaluation and interpretation.

Data privacy

Transparency for participants

Before each execution, the participant will be informed how the simulation deals with the issue „data privacy“. It will be explained which personal data is (temporarily) stored and to which e-mail address the feedback-report of the simulation will be sent. If the participant agrees to this procedure, the introduction to the simulation can begin. What personal data is temporarily stored?

  • first name and name
  • age
  • male or female
  • current managerial responsibility

Maximum protection of personal data

The existing personal data (first name and last name) are only needed to personalise the simulation. They are therefore just stored until the execution is completed. After that, the simulation is evaluated and the personal feedback-report is sent to the specified contact person. Afterwards, the participant’s first name and surname are deleted. Only anonymous data is stored. The data permanently stored in the system will then look like this:

  • age,
  • male / female,
  • current managerial responsibility,
  • answer item ,
  • answer item 2,
  • answer item 3,
  • etc…

This process completely eliminates the possibility that the existing data can be assigned to a person, be it for the company that requested the simulation, be it for IT employees of the hosting service provider, or even for possible hackers who try to illegally gain access to the data.

Feedback by participants

We asked the participants of the management simulation for their opinion. Immediately after the simulation, they were asked to answer some questions online. The answers were stored separately from the simulation and completely anonymously (N = 97).

Survey statements

  1. When executing such a test, it is important to me that my privacy is protected.
  2. Personal data transmitted during such a simulation could be misused.
  3. A good result in this simulation means that a person can perform the job as a leader well.
  4. A person who performs strongly in this simulation is also a good manager.
  5. I have experienced the issues in this simulation in a similar form in my job.

Participants could select the following answers for each statement:


The participants‘ answers are remarkable in various respects. The issue of data privacy is perceived as particularly important by the vast majority, at the same time, the majority trusts in the management simulation that their data will not be misused.


Regarding the question „Success in the management simulation = success as a manager?“, the participants tend to think that a good result in the management simulation also means that the person can successfully manage the tasks of a manager.

The majority of the participants indicate that they have experienced situations similar to those in the simulation in their professional work.

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