The management simulation

Next-Day Inc.

What exactly is the digital management simulation “Next-Day Inc.”?

  • it is a digital exercise for your personnel development or your recruitment process
  • the exercise is a realistic office simulaton for for 50 minutes
  • the candidate have to take various decisions, analyse information, assess risks and plan tasks

The known inbox-exercise in form of a paper-pencil test has been developed further, get to know the benefits of the new digital management simulation now:

  • minimum effort for HR
  • high acceptance among candidates
  • immediate outcomes

The implementation

  • create an access code and start immdiately
  • may be performed with any computer, laptop or tablet connected to the internet
  • no instructions needed by a moderator, the exercise is explained in an interactive online demo
  • evaluation takes place automatically directly after the end of the simulation as a PDF report (see picture for sample page)

The characteristics

  • modern
  • reliable
  • scientific
  • secure

"Next-Day Inc." is designed in a modern styl and is fully personalized, the candidate is addressed directly with his/her name. Different mails, letters and voice messages arrive dynamically in the digital mailbox, the simulation "reacts" to the answers of the participants.

The exercise does not require instructions from a moderator. Before the exercise, the candidate will see a short interactive online-demo explaining how to use it. The  simulation is evaluated fully automatically, a feedback report is sent directly to the predefined contact person (e.g. the HR coordinator in your company)

The simulation was developed by a team of experts in business administration, software development and  organisational psychology and it was tested in a scientific study.

It offers high validity due to the standardized evaluation, which compares the participant with the norm group (981 academically educated professionals and managers between 23 and 61). Of the participants in the norm group, 59.3% stated that they currently have a role with leadership responsibility.

The simulation guarantees the highest possible security and anonymity, no participant data are permanently stored, they are deleted after the simulation. All results are stored anonymously.

The team

The digital management simulation was developed by IT Consulting Tomasi. In this product we use the know-how from many years of consulting in IT projects.

In addition, a team of experts in business administration, software development and organizational psychology accompanied and supported the development of the simulation.

The simulation was tested and standardized in a scientific study supported by the Universities of Lüneburg and Zurich and is successfully in use since 2018.