Online management simulation

management simulation "Next-Day Inc. "The management simulation „Next-Day Inc.“ is a modern and dynamic online-exercise that simulates a realistic office environment. Due to its focus within the logistics, the exercise is appropriate for many business sectors. It is suitable for various management levels.

In a inbox, participants regularly receive information that they have to process. The online-exercise can be carried out on any PC or tablet with an Internet connection. The simulation analyses general management skills and evaluates the dimensions of analytical, decision making and organizational skills. The exercise was developed by a team of experts in business administration, business informatics and organizational psychology.

The management simulation does not require any instructions from a moderator, before starting the exercise, you will see a short interactive online demo explaining the functions of the exercise. The online-exercise is evaluated fully automatically, and a feedback report is sent directly to the predefined contact person (for instance: the HR-coordinator of your company). The execution guarantees the highest possible security and anonymity, no participant or company data are stored permanently. All results are stored anonymously.

Is it possible to test the management simulation before using it in our company?

Would you like to know more about this online-exercise before you think about using it for personnel selection or personnel development measures in your company? Then you can get a realistic impression of how the exercise will be carried out during the live demo (takes 2 minutes to go through).

You are also welcome to get a free and non-binding trial run for your company and carry out the management simulation as a test in order to see the exercise in action. Contact us here.

Where do I get more information?

See our fact sheet management-simulation „Next-Day Inc.“ or contact us for more information.